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2. 2. — 3. 3. 2022
Welcome to the online version of Loading: Love - an exhibition that reveals the unknown stories of forbidden love over the past hundred years that still have a lot to teach us today.

Mocsonaki László (*1955)

„The reason I didn't make a report because I didn't want to expose myself to the police, where I would be victimized again.”

Láner László (*1956)

“Many didn't dare to buy the magazine: I know for a fact that sometimes one person bought it and 10 people read it.”

Kymi (*1950)

“In the middle of my 20s, I could say to myself that I am a lesbian. And that's where I got stuck. I got stuck because what next?”

Juhász Ildikó (*1953)

“It somehow didn't fit the image of life in socialism that such people exist.”

Cseri Mihály (*1954)

“I was the first drag queen to perform at the Sziget Festival.”

Matyáš covers staggering stories of people struggling with homosexuality

Words of wisdom from Imrich Matyáš

Imrich Matyáš's forty years of activism

Two very rare photos of same sex couples

The noble mission of "The Friendship Society" (est. 1932)

Blackmailing and threats fuel movement to decriminalise homosexuality (1924 - 1928)

"America – the world of homosexuals" — an article in Večerník (1967)

"They live among us" — Mladý Svět magazine publishes rare educational article on homosexuality (1973)

A piece of advice in the Život magazine (around 1980)

"Ginsberg Causes Upheaval" — an article in Pravda magazine (1965)

"I am a homosexual. Is it socially tolerated?" ⁠— an article in Práca magazine (1972)

Drama and shaming — the media covers homosexuality between 1912 and 1989

First mentions of homosexuality (1852 - 1923)

Scientific literature covers homosexuality (1924 - 1931)

World War II - The giant backward leap (1939-1945)

The communist era and the slowly changing social climate (1948 - 1989)

The rise of queer organizations and Budapest Pride (1990 - 2000)

Legislation finally sees change (2001 - 2009)

The age of Pride - fight for true equality begins (2010-present)

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