"I am a homosexual. Is it socially tolerated?" ⁠— an article in Práca magazine (1972)

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Is it tolerant here?

I am a homosexual. Is it socially tolerated? J.P.

You are worried that your desires to be close to a man, caress his face gently and embrace him, are disordered. You have not had sex with men for years. You are repulsed by this way of life. However, you are now feeling unhappy and lonely again. You have tried to look for a partner by publishing a classified ad. They refused to publish the ad.

Whether we consider homosexuality to be a disease or not, it needs to be said that these inclinations are not normal and lead to an unnatural form of individual life. A human is a being that fights its end by death, wishing to have continuity in its offspring. Humanity wants to live forever. If human life should cease by the death of all persons in the world, what meaning could our science, technology, advances and development have? Not too long ago, pederasty was a criminal offence under all circumstances. According to the currently valid penal code, sexual contact with a person of the same sex is a punishable offence if it reaches a certain degree of social hazardousness.

It is not an offence if it occurs between two adults consensually, without financial compensation and in such a way that it does not cause public scandal. Persons over the age of eighteen who have sexual contact with persons of the same sex under the age of eighteen or taking advantage of its dependency will be punished by imprisonment for a period of one to five years. The same punishment is applicable to persons having sexual relations in exchange for financial compensation or persons who cause public scandal by these relations.

This means that certain tolerance is present. However, homosexuality is decidedly not socially acceptable. It is undesirable in terms of human life and existence on Earth. It is also not acceptable for a person who, by means of this deviation, separates from society in which the person lives, especially if this is somehow permanent.

We do not know how your state arose. We are of the opinion that homosexuals are not born. Persons may become homosexuals under various circumstances, including the influence of environment, opportunity, inferiority complex etc. You did not state whether you approached a medical expert in this regard. If not, we advise you to do so as soon as possible. If no change can be expected even after eventual medical help, we can only advise you to do one thing. Abstinence.

Normal sexual instincts can also be controlled and regulated, and when necessary, completely reduced. Do not console or excuse yourself by the information that one or another well-known person was or is homosexual. These are usually mere speculations. The weight of these speculations becomes weaker the more important the person is. And, ultimately, why deny the fact that we would forgive them such things anyway.

Author: Queer Memory
Published at: 16.3. 2021

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